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I'm Holly and I love dinosaurs, animation, jewellery and a good cuppa.

I will be a cast member at Disney World from March 2014, working in the UK Pavilion at EPCOT.

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Influential Photographs: Bliss, 1996 by Charles O’ Rear

In the wake of the news that Microsoft no longer supports the Windows XP operating system, people have started to look back at the serene photograph that became iconic for adorning computer screens around the world. However, perhaps, not many know that this famous photograph was shot on film and not digitally manipulated in any way.


The Nadder, the Nadder
sometimes makes me madder.

practicing some fun designs while on train pt.01: The Deadly Nadder.

I am very serious about everything and I am holding puppies


"I’m not. A Kangaroo"



So I started thinking about Elsa’s hair and



Stop motion of ocean creatures made from man-made objects. (via)

The Deep by PES

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This is as close as my art gets to finished out here. I’m so busy all the time I barely have time to draw! But yeah, evil Elsa sketch tadaaaa


This is a work in progress and will be quite a long comic x___X the colors on Hic’s panel are still off and I still have ways to go with some minor detailing and the clouds x___X this is gonna be a huge illustration but I just wanted to show a preview of the first two “panels” :’ ) bonus points if you recognize where the line is from!!

P.S. PLEASE PLEASE don’t repost this :’( this is a work in progress, but you are welcome to spread the final product when it comes out. (Spread as in reblog/share to your hearts content not reposting here on tumblr OTL)

Drago is coming for our dragons. X




He looks so happy for them. *w*


Its the family he never had.  Think about it.  He knows his dad missed Valka.  I mean, I’m sure he wasn’t the only kid on Berk who was missing a parent.  But that still isn’t easy.  I’m sure hes thought about something like this before, but he never ever imagined that it would actually happen.

His face in the second one is killing me.

his face here, is killing me. Really, really that incredulity mixed with joy mixed with disbelief and awe, with maturity, knowing. So many feelings in his heart, oh gosh. To see this happen, his family reunited. I just can’t anymore, it’s beautiful.