I'm Holly and I love dinosaurs, animation, jewellery and a good cuppa.

I will be a cast member at Disney World from March 2014, working in the UK Pavilion at EPCOT.

Come say hello! :)

twigthewonderkidd said: THAT TSHIRT

IKR?! £7 River Island heheheheh

Yes let’s do this! If it does end up being us two though you might as well come over here and we can cook together because I’m poor

Hey Abbey look what I found for u


I laugh untii I cry everytime I watch this video and it’s been a while since it’s been on my dash so here


Thank you fababbey ;D

Talk to me, brudda

twigthewonderkidd replied to your photo: My favourite friend.

what camera did you take this with? :)

Same one as usual, Canon 1000D with standard lens 

twigthewonderkidd replied to your photo: I don’t know why I attempt to dye my own hair, it…

i love it!

Thank you :) it’s super messy though and too dark, I’ll just leave it to sort itself out :P

twigthewonderkidd replied to your post: Really wanna go to a gig but nobody wants to come…

what gig? :) i wanted to go to the twin of evil tour in Manchester, but no one would and now the tickets are gone >:l

Of Monsters and Men in London. Tickets are only £16.50 but to get there would cost just under £60 :(

twigthewonderkidd replied to your photo: My big fat load of rejections, even if I phoned up…

what? D: how come they changed before results day?! apply for Preston with meeeeeeeeeeee

I changed it on purpose :P I’m applying for the Illustration foundation in Carlisle now :)